The Critical 5 Steps to Prepare a Presentation

Preparing a great presentation is asking your self four important questions:  Learn more at Mohave Community College Corporate Education Department.

  1. Who is your audience?  Put yourself in the shoes of the people you will be talking. Note their needs, attitude, knowledge level, environment and demographic.
  2. Develop a position:  Let the audience know off hand what you position is on the topic.
  3. Brainstorm the main idea: Narrow the ideas to about three, this will your general assertions that you will present to your audience through subpoints.
  4. Present the Subpoints: This comes from the main point.  They are facts, data, references, stories, analogies, or other forms that supports the main point.
  5. Create Introduction and Conclusion:   Using a position, action, and benefit statement to open and close your presentation.

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5 Traits of a Good Caregiver

The U.S Social Security Administration published in 2014 that the life expectancy of U.S citizens are 81years.  Americans are living longer.  More than likely, an assisted caregiver will be needed for our love ones.  There are caregivers being offered all around us.  So, how do one accesses a  good caregiver?

There are 5 traits you should look for in a good caregiver:

  1. Trained:  A good caregiver is trained my an experienced instructor or education institution, in accordance with state regulations. Mohave Community College/Corporate Education offers a Certified Assisted Caregiver program.
  2. Patience/Compassion.  A caregiver must be able to put themselves in others shoes.
  3. Reliable.  A person who needs little to no supervision.
  4. Trustworthy.  People who need a caregiver is vulnerable.
  5. Flexible.  Caregiver must be able to handle unexpected events.

Mohave Community College has the best and affordable Assisted Caregiver Certificate program in Mohave county. or call 866.644.2832.

MCC Certification Information:   MCC program


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How to Find Help

Caring for our love ones that need daily assistance can be a complex task.  It can be confusing and frustrating and emotionally difficult.  Consequently, every community has agencies and services that can assist families.

You can find help from your community from a number of sources:

  • Your family doctor or health clinic
  • Social worker or DES: Aging and Adult Services
  • Community organizations
  • Family, friends, and neighbors

Are you a family member and a Assisted Caregiver? Get Certified at MCC!